YEAH In Progress

Yeah IP

YEAH is finally back in progress. I started it at the beginning of the week, but trying to assemble all the edges first through the fog of some serious pain medications was just too much for this poor old lady’s aging brain.

Luckily, though I’m still peering through the fog, it finally came to me this morning to try to assemble each letter separately and stop trying to make this puzzle conform to how I usually do things. Normally the edge is where most puzzles begin, but this puzzle is a rebel and doesn’t wish to fit into any boxes of how a puzzle is supposed to be. Stop trying to change her! Just let her be herself!

*Now that I think about it, this medication may be just a bit TOO strong. 🥴

Ok, back to the puzzle. Once the decision was made to assemble it letter by letter the progress is going along much more quickly. THIS (or the other spelling) was a 400 piece puzzle, YEAH is 500 pieces; so it may take me a little longer. But who knows? One letter at a time seems to be speeding up the process, so perhaps it’ll be done sooner than you think.

Enjoy your Friday everyone, and happy puzzling! 🧩

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