Yeah – Knock Knock – 500 pieces

Please forgive the angle of this picture, I tried to go back and fix it but the stupid photo program wouldn’t let me change anything after I’d renamed it. Stupid technology. 🤐

This was much more challenging than the previous four letter puzzle that I assembled. The shading at the back made for odd shapes, and my brain took quite a long time to wrap itself around the concept. But I loved that about it; when you know the solution is right in front of you and all you have to do is SEE it. You just have to let your brain catch up and figure it out. And then, when you finally do get it, the exhilaration is fantastic! (My PADS posse understands, don’t you?)

A friend says I should have left the other puzzle assembled and then taken a picture of “S**t Yeah!”. Why didn’t I think of that? I was moving the letters around to spell other words, and was thinking that I’m only one letter short of being able to spell my name; if I had gotten the other naughty word or even the word Crap I’d have the C so I could spell out my name in pretty letters. Ah well, I missed my chance.

This puzzle was very good quality, just like the first one. I’m quite impressed with them, especially because the company doesn’t only do puzzles. In fact, these four letter words are the only puzzles they carry. To get such good quality is a surprise, a very pleasant one. Check them out at Knock Knock.

I’ve enjoyed assembling these words/letters, and I think any of the others would be very entertaining. If you’re looking for a silly, challenging, enjoyable puzzle, I would absolutely recommend these four letter words.

S**t Yeah! 😉

YEAH In Progress

Yeah IP

YEAH is finally back in progress. I started it at the beginning of the week, but trying to assemble all the edges first through the fog of some serious pain medications was just too much for this poor old lady’s aging brain.

Luckily, though I’m still peering through the fog, it finally came to me this morning to try to assemble each letter separately and stop trying to make this puzzle conform to how I usually do things. Normally the edge is where most puzzles begin, but this puzzle is a rebel and doesn’t wish to fit into any boxes of how a puzzle is supposed to be. Stop trying to change her! Just let her be herself!

*Now that I think about it, this medication may be just a bit TOO strong. 🥴

Ok, back to the puzzle. Once the decision was made to assemble it letter by letter the progress is going along much more quickly. THIS (or the other spelling) was a 400 piece puzzle, YEAH is 500 pieces; so it may take me a little longer. But who knows? One letter at a time seems to be speeding up the process, so perhaps it’ll be done sooner than you think.

Enjoy your Friday everyone, and happy puzzling! 🧩