Hair Gossip

Hair Gossip
Hair Gossip by John Lund – Sure Lox – 300 pieces

This is another puzzle my daughter insisted I buy. I seem to be buying puzzles that SHE likes when we’re together, but I’ve completely enjoyed all of her choices so I’m definitely not complaining. She has excellent taste in puzzles, and knows what her momma likes. 🙂

After the assembly of the previous Sure Lox 300 piece in the newer boxes, I felt a little more confident purchasing this one. Again it had very good quality – which my fingers definitely didn’t want to type in regards to a Sure Lox puzzle. But it’s true, the new boxes contain much better quality puzzles than I’ve worked previously. The pieces are thicker and fit together very well; the image reproduction is quite good too. There is only the one piece shape, but that’s my only criticism.


This is the new box design. I’ve only tried their 300 piece puzzles so far, but the two that I’ve assembled have been very good quality. I was brave and also got myself a 500 piece with the new box, so I’ll let you know once I assemble it if the larger piece counts also have improved quality.

I love that Sure Lox has improved their quality, and I’m loving their “Giggles” images featuring the photography of John Lund. I don’t usually go for photographic images, but the adorable animals in silly situations are too cute to pass up. 😍🐶

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