Michigan State University

Michigan State University – R & R Imports – 500 pieces

I received this puzzle as a gift from my favorite sister-in-law. She works for the school, and is always sending us MSU things – this time it was a puzzle, yay!

It was very challenging, but the puzzle goddess hasn’t lost her touch – I still got it. The edge was difficult, the crowd was difficult, and overall it was quite demanding. It isn’t the easiest image, but I thought the challenge was fun.

This puzzle wasn’t the best quality, but that’s par for the course with a company that doesn’t specifically produce jigsaw puzzles. The pieces were quite thin, and the cutting was sub-par as well. A few of the tabs were broken off, and some were close to breaking. But it was a gift, and I very much appreciate the thought behind it.

The whole time I was assembling the crowds I was thinking “I would hate to be there in the midst of all those people”. Rather than being in the middle of a throng of people making too much noise (according to a little old lady), I would much prefer to be home in front of a puzzle. But that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. 😉

4 thoughts on “Michigan State University

  1. I had to look up the stadium, their record attendance is 80,401, which puts it in the same category as the stadium in Dortmund with a capacity of 81,365 for domestic games (it’s about 66 000 for European games because then there is no standing allowed). I’m just as happy in the stadium as alone with my puzzles 🙂 I would love to do more puzzles with stadiums, but they’re rare, and, as you note, often not good quality.

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