Paris In Progress

Paris in progress

I’ve started this 1000 piece Ceaco puzzle title Paris. I have to say I’m sorely disappointed in the quality. I’ve noticed that their puzzles up to 750 pieces aren’t too terrible, but the 1000 pieces are less than stellar. For me, I highly doubt I’ll be working another Ceaco over 750 pieces again.

The amount of puzzle dust was astounding, and the pieces weren’t all cut completely though. The fit is awful as well, and moving around completed sections is a nightmare. Even just scooting them over a tiny bit results in everything crumbling apart.

I’ll continue on with it, because my daughter got it for me and I try to always assemble puzzles given as gifts. The image is a very pretty one, and I’m hoping once more of the pieces are in place that it will be a bit more stable. I’m not giving up on it, because I want to see the finished image and I’ve got to send my daughter a picture of the completed puzzle!

6 thoughts on “Paris In Progress

  1. Anonymous

    I also never buy Ceaco puzzles, it’s such a shame that their quality is so inconsistent. I also find it frustrating that artists license their images to this company when another puzzle company would have made a much better quality puzzle. Just an amazing image isn’t enough, I need the quality too. Ceaco could have a great image by one of my fave puzzle artists and I’d never buy the puzzle.

    It’s sweet that your daughter bought you the puzzle though.

    P.S. I had a ton of puzzle dust in a Cobble Hill puzzle recently and that totally surprised me. (Thankfully the quality was excellent as usual.) Puzzle dust really varies from puzzle to puzzle within the same brand.

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    1. I completely agree with you about the inconsistency, it’s so frustrating! I certainly wish I could find certain artwork with better quality puzzles.

      I’m glad your Cobble Hill was good quality, I’ve found that they’re usually quite good too.

      Happy Puzzling!


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