Almost There…

I’m down to two trays of pieces left on the 2000 piece puzzle, and I’m hoping to finish it today. Only a few hundred pieces to go. 🙂 It’s been so long since I’ve done such a large puzzle, I’m pretty proud of myself! Once it’s done I’d better get a move on and do some smaller puzzles to build my queue back up, I’ve only got four completed puzzles in there.

My youngest son came in the puzzle room yesterday and asked which puzzle I would do next after I finish the current one. He then proceeded to grab boxes one after the other and suggest that I do them next. “Nope”, “Not in the mood for that one”, “Too many pieces”, “I need a smaller one”, etc. He finally picked up one of my Wentworth micro puzzles and showed it to me, and I said “Good choice, I haven’t done that one yet.”

He almost never wants to help me with my puzzles, but it was sweet of him to try and help me pick out the next one. And it made him very happy when I decided to do one of the puzzles he’d suggested. Sometimes when I’m absorbed in a puzzle I don’t always take the time for simple things like letting him help me decide on the next puzzle to assemble; I’m trying to do better. 💝

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