Sweets In Progress

In Progress 3

I finally got going on Lip Smackin’ Sweets by Lafayette Puzzle Factory, and I’m a little disappointed with the thickness of the pieces and the way they fit together. I’m not certain I’ve ever done a 1000 piece puzzle by Lafayette; so the loose fit and thinner pieces were a bit of a surprise.

Ah well, it’s still an interesting picture and I’ve certainly worked with much worse in terms of pieces and fit before, so I’m sure I can get through it just fine.

So far the Pixy Stix were the hardest little sections to put together  – which was such a bummer because I ADORE them! They’ve been my favorite non-chocolate candy since I was little. Yes, I know, it’s like eating pure sugar, but whatever. You love what you love, right? I make no excuses. 😁

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