I Chickened Out

Well, it’s no surprise to me that I didn’t even open the box of The Masters puzzle this weekend. I didn’t touch any puzzles at all. 😦

Luckily for me, I got four puzzles today. Two 300 piecers from mom that are secondhand, and two in the mail from Penny, one of my readers and email pen pals. We swapped a couple of puzzles, which didn’t cost much since we both live in the same state. 🙂 All four of them look like lots of fun!

Now I have four different ones to choose from and I am definitely, without a doubt, absolutely, no matter what going to start one of them today. Not only do I miss having the energy to sit and puzzle, I’m almost completely out of finished puzzles for this blog!

I think my readers have quite a few kids puzzles and micro puzzles to look forward to until I get my mojo back. Usually I would apologize for that, but this blog is about the puzzles I do, and I can’t choose them based on what other people like – otherwise my attitude would be worse than it is now. Yikes.

2 thoughts on “I Chickened Out

  1. Anonymous

    Don’t beat yourself up over the puzzles. Just do the puzzles that you enjoy and make you happy. I think people visit your blog because of you and your personality and for the puzzle theme rather than for puzzles with specific piece counts or for specific types of or brands of puzzles.

    I000 piece puzzles used to be my favorite but now they just seem too overwhelming to me and I just do 500 piece puzzles.

    Do you have other hobbies you can do when you are on bed rest and hoping your puzzle mojo comes back? Crossword puzzles, embroidery, knitting, coloring books, writing, reading books??

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