Play that Beat

Play that Beat
Play that Beat – Springbok – 1000 pieces

This puzzle was a mistake; I purchased a movie poster puzzle for my oldest son for Christmas and this was sent in error. After the hoopla of trying to get the correct puzzle sent to me I just gave up and assembled this one. (I won’t be purchasing from Amazon for a while, what a nightmare!) The puzzle itself was great fun though, and the collage aspect made it easy for me to work on in little chunks while in bed.

When I received this puzzle it reminded me that I posted at the end of last year asking what album covers would make good puzzles, and then happened to be sent this puzzle by mistake. Pretty weird, right? The Journey puzzle I suggested didn’t make it into this collage, but there are a bunch of great albums by great artists in here. 😎

There is something here for just about every musical taste; Willie Nelson, Miles Davis, U2, Madonna, Bob Marley, The Beach Boys, KISS, Bob Dylan, The Beastie Boys, The Beatles, Queen, and many more. Wanna guess my favorite?

Play that Beat 1

Being a child of the 70’s and 80’s, this was THE album of my teen years. Michael Jackson. Sigh. So talented, such a waste.

Rumours was an excellent album, and although I’m not a Deadhead, I really like this cover!

Fantastically fun puzzle, that had me reminiscing about music and enjoying putting everything together. 🎵

Brown’s General Store

Brown's General Store
Brown’s General Store by Aimee Stewart – Buffalo – 500 pieces

You never can really tell until you actually assemble the puzzle – this was way more fun than it looked to me at first! I LOVED IT

The amount of fantastic detail is amazing, and there were so many words I was in heaven! Of course, I should have known, Aimee Stewart puzzles are so entertaining to assemble; I’ve never been disappointed by any of them, and have sometimes been surprised at just how much I enjoyed putting them together. 💗


What I’m Puzzling…


I’m starting this puzzle today; it has bright colors, with a simple but adorable image. It’s a 500 piece TCG puzzle called Doggie Heaven – and regular readers know how much I love the puppies. Hopefully it’ll be as fun as it looks. 🐶

I’m still working on the 2000 piece puzzle, but it’s going very slowly. I can only work on the assembly while sitting on the floor, and unfortunately I’ve strained the muscles in my neck and working on the floor isn’t possible at the moment. I’m not giving up on it though, and even though it may be a week or two until I’m able to really get back into it, I am absolutely planning on finishing it!

My third puzzle in progress is the Mystery Box puzzle, and mom and I made more significant progress yesterday; attaching several large chunks to piece together the roof, balcony, and top part of a smaller building. It’s very exciting every time we get a large section together!

That’s what I’m doing these days – 3 puzzles in progress. I’m thinking I might need a 12 step program for puzzle addiction, but I’d probably just try to rearrange the steps into the “proper” order so they’d fit together in a more pleasing manner. 😉

The Old Candy Shop

The Old Candy Shop
The Old Candy Shop by Steve Crisp – White Mountain – 300 pieces

This puzzle is a great example of why you need to see the puzzle box close up and the puzzle assembled. I’ve seen this image many times before and thought only “Eh, it’s okay I guess” , but it was much more detailed and fun to assemble than I’d imagined. What an excellent puzzle!

This is one of the lot of puzzles I got from my Facebook Marketplace purchase and I wasn’t overly excited about assembling it – and boy was I wrong. It’s so interesting to me how I still cannot tell what puzzles I’ll enjoy and what puzzles I won’t. I’ve assembled a LOT of puzzles, I work on them every single day if I’m able, but still they constantly surprise me!

The quality was very good, this was the first 300 piece White Mountain that I’ve done. You can see in the above picture that the piece shape isn’t obvious and it almost looks like a picture. The fit was wonderful and the large pieces were very easy to work with. They had the typical WM shapes and thickness. The image reproduction is absolutely gorgeous….

The detail is amazing, and look how wonderfully grandma’s face is captured; it’s a gorgeous image, and was thoroughly entertaining to assemble! I haven’t done many Steve Read puzzles, but I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more of his work. I absolutely adored this one!


Mystery Box – Day 40

Mystery Puzzle 16

Check out the fantastic progress mom and I made yesterday! The last time we worked on it we got the top part of the building started (from the long windows up); when we began yesterday one of us said “it won’t be long until we can start adding all these window sections”. About 30 seconds later, one of us saw a connection and we were so excited!

Mystery Puzzle 14

You can see in the picture from my previous Mystery Box post all the window sections we had partially assembled on the right side. We had the majority of it in little bits and just had to find out how they all fit together. There were several pieces still to go, but once the big chunks were in it all went relatively quickly.

We had a great time! It’s starting to look like an actual image now, and it’s getting pretty exciting!

It’s hard for me to go into the puzzle room and not sit down to work on it. I try not to work on it when mom’s not here, since the purpose of the gift was for us to spend time together. I texted her last week and told her I “accidentally” worked on the puzzle. ☺ I took my husband in there to show him the progress we’d made that day and suddenly saw where one of the large chunks fit in – I couldn’t NOT put it in!

It’s been 40 days since we started, and we are no less delighted by it than we were on day one! 💝