Thrift Store Fun!

Thrift Store Fun

So I went a little insane with power the other day; the thrift store we went to while mom and I were running errands had SOOOO many puzzles and I had extra money in my wallet – the combination was a bit much for me to handle!

I bought quite a few kids puzzles, mostly in multipacks, but the majority of the puzzles were 500 pieces or larger and I bought a lot of them. I couldn’t seem to stop myself from throwing puzzles into the cart. 🛒

There were 2 puzzles that didn’t feel right when we picked them up, so we opened them to be sure there were actually puzzles in there. To our wonderful surprise, some fantastic person had put two puzzles into each box – and the extra puzzles even had a small picture of the image included in the bag. Bonus!!

I think I’m set for a while, and won’t likely buy more anytime soon. Peaceful piecing ahead!

6 thoughts on “Thrift Store Fun!

  1. Penny Allenbaugh Weiss

    Now that is a haul! Really nice finds. I can’t zoom in to see the details on some of them, but definitely like the Ann Geddes one and the Christmas House especially, but they all look like fun. Here’s hoping they are all complete! Have fun with them.

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