2018 Puzzle Recap

2018 was a quite a year for me and my puzzles; I slowed down quite a bit due to physical problems, but still somehow managed to assemble 279 puzzles totaling 105,093 pieces! Wow! Don’t be too impressed by the number of puzzles though, there were a LOT of micro puzzles this year at 40 pieces or less. They’re so much fun that if I were in the right mood I could put together a dozen or more of them in a day. 🙂

The piece counts breakdown was interesting for me to compile – I was shocked at how it all turned out. It was an eye-opening exercise for me, and has me wanting to keep track this year as I go along. With kids puzzles, micros, and wooden puzzles with odd counts there were a lot of them to keep track of, but I ended up only counting the “regular” ones. Here’s how it all worked out…

  •  100 pieces   – 16
  •  300 pieces   – 61
  •  500 pieces   – 80
  •  750 pieces   –   2
  • 1000 pieces  – 28
  • 1500 pieces  –   1
  • Other            – 91

These were some of my favorite puzzles of 2018. Sugar Magnolia (given to me by my husband for my 50th birthday) was my hands-down absolute favorite puzzle I’ve ever assembled! Shoes, and really all the mini shaped puzzles from Lafayette Puzzle Factory gave me such great joy; and my son loved them so much he was always up to come hang out with me and help assemble them. ❤ Birds and it’s alternate solution made me pretty damned happy too! I bought that one for myself for our 30th anniversary and Mother’s Day which were only one day apart last year. It was challenging and beautiful and altogether wonderful. And lastly the Patterns puzzles were perfect images for my kind of puzzling and I had a great time with all 3 of them.

There were 67 different brands that I assembled this year. Ravensburger was the cardboard puzzle brand that showed up most often, and Wentworth was the wooden brand that saw the most time on my boards. From Andrews & Blaine all the way to Zen – there were a lot of friends both new and old. How many brands did you work last year? I’m looking forward to finding more fun puzzles and new brands to try in 2019. 😎

As for 2019, I fretted a bit about setting goals and then I remembered that there won’t be a penalty if they aren’t reached. Duh. 300 puzzles seems like a giant goal to accomplish – that’s 25 puzzles a month! But oh well, if I get there I’ll be super proud, right? As for piece count I’ve settled on 110,000. Piece count goal scares me more than the puzzle count for some reason.

So did you set a puzzle goal for this year? I’d love to hear what they are! Planning to just find more time for yourself to puzzle? Finishing a large piece count jigsaw? Buy yourself a wooden one? Start a puzzle blog? Try new brands? Perhaps your goal will inspire me and other puzzlers too!

Happy puzzling in 2019 my friends! ☺

6 thoughts on “2018 Puzzle Recap

  1. Penny Allenbaugh Weiss

    Hee hee! Thanks for taking my suggestion and running with it, Stacey! I love this post so much. What you accomplished this year is AMAZING and AWE inspiring. I can only hope to one day get to the point of being able to knock out even half the amount you have done this year.

    I think your goals are great ones too. And just because you have a goal of 300 puzzles, it doesn’t mean that they all have to be 1,0000 pieces or higher. Many little ones count too! Hee hee

    I think you’ll do it though. I have lots of faith in your puzzling abilities.

    My puzzling goals are to:

    1. FINALLY finish Life….
    2. Get at least 2 of the Disney panels finished…
    3. Do a few 1,000; 500; and smaller piece count puzzles between Disney panels.
    4. Be more active on my blog.
    5. Convert the blog to a wordpress site.

    We’ll see how far I get! LOL


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  2. My goal is always the same, to have as much fun as possible 🙂 I think would feel stressed by goals for number of puzzles or pieces, so I’m not doing that. One goal is to start on the 18 000 piece Ravensburger maps puzzle in the summer. If I feel like it, of course 🙂

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