It’s National Jigsaw Day in the UK! The Gardener’s Cupboard

The Gardener's Cupboard
The Gardener’s Cupboard by Colin Thompson – Wentworth Wooden Puzzles – 40 pieces

I’m celebrating National Jigsaw Day by posting an awesome puzzle from the UK, The Gardener’s Cupboard from Wentworth. I’ll also be celebrating by working on a puzzle, big surprise, huh?

In the US we have National Puzzle Day on January 29; it isn’t specific to jigsaw puzzles, but includes all types – sudoku, crossword, brain teasers, etc. In the UK this is the 4th annual National Jigsaw Day, especially for us dissectologists! (That’s just a ten dollar word for someone who enjoys assembling jigsaw puzzles – with today’s exchange rate that word is worth about 7.7 pounds sterling 😎) I’m way over here across the pond, but I’m an avid puzzler so I’m down with celebrating any day that celebrates jigsaw puzzling!

Wentworth is celebrating by offering 10% of any regularly priced puzzles, and having a Golden Whimsy Piece Competition. Buy any of their micro puzzles from their Stocking Filler Collection this weekend (Nov. 2-4, 2018) and you may receive a Golden Whimsy piece. If you find one of the 3 special pieces you win a year’s worth of puzzles – the prize is 12 x 250 piece puzzles of your choice. Wow! My puzzles are already ordered, wish me luck. 🍀 Check out their website for all the details, and happy National Jigsaw Day!

Now to this beautiful Colin Thompson puzzle – it was so much fun! The whimsies were perfect for gardening…


I love the spade stuck in the dirt (top right), although it took a few seconds to register exactly what it was. It’s so enjoyable to open a Wentworth and find all the whimsies to see what they are and how they relate to the puzzle image! I need to get out more, right? I’m WAY too excited about these things. 😉

The micro puzzles from Wentworth are a godsend to me, allowing me to puzzle when I’m unable to get out of bed and sit at my puzzle table, or even when I can’t sit up in bed to work with a puzzle on my whiteboard. I can put all the pieces on a cookie sheet lined with paper and complete one of these beauties while laying down. That’s exactly how I worked on The Gardener’s Cupboard.

I think I’d like to work this image in a larger piece count, there’s just so much to see! Colin Thompson’s cupboard puzzles are filled with interesting (and weird) things – and all those adorable little pink people! Even though it might have been better with more pieces, this puzzle was great fun. Two thumbs way up!  👍👍

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