Assorted News

Just a few little tidbits that I thought I’d pass along…


One of My Jigsaw Journal’s readers and fellow puzzle blogger, Puzzle Momma, has recently gotten back to her GIANT of a puzzle, Life – The Great Challenge. This big boy is 24,000 pieces and she’s down to about her last 1000 pieces or so. She’s back working on it after about a year’s hiatus, and I for one am cheering her on. Go Penny! I can’t wait to see pictures of the entire puzzle, although I bet it’s 10 times more beautiful in person than in any pictures. Check out her blog Puzzle Momma to watch for updates. (When I was working on my big puzzle, knowing people were “watching” on the blog helped me to work on it every day – even if only a few pieces. So we’ll be watching! 😇)



Outset Media, which, among many other things designs and manufactures Cobble Hill puzzles, has mentioned My Jigsaw Journal in their latest news update on their website! In a post about puzzle bloggers they enjoy, my humble little blog was one of three mentioned! 😱 Check out their post for their thoughts on some awesome jigsaw puzzle blogs. (Yeah, I said my blog was awesome – because I couldn’t think of a good way to compliment the other two amazing bloggers without complimenting myself!)



Lastly, and the one I’m most excited about, I pulled up my wishlist at Liberty Puzzles on my husband’s computer last night so he could choose a birthday present for me. If you knew me, you’d know that it’s completely out of character – I don’t really care for presents. I know that’s a ridiculously odd thing to say, but I am a ridiculously odd person! I’m not a fan of being the center of attention, and presents make me uncomfortable. Yup, I said that. Welcome to the weird world of me.

That said, I have a big birthday coming up, and for once I’ve decided to help him out. Since he was going to get me a present this year even though I always ask him not to, I thought it best to make sure it was something that I’d really like. He asked for suggestions, so I figured now was the time to go big or go home – wooden puzzles! You only turn half a century old once, right? 😎

So I’m excited to see what fantastic new Liberty Puzzle I’m getting (knowing hubby, it’ll be whichever puzzle on my wishlist was the most expensive). I’ll try not to think about that, and just be overjoyed that I have an awesome husband who always tries to make me happy and loves me madly even after 30 years of marriage. 💖

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