Making Excellent Progress!

Doors of Europe
It’s coming together fast!

I don’t normally post many in progress pictures, but having not done a 1500 piece puzzle in about 17 months, and having just started working on this assembly today – it’s looking awesome already!

These are all the doors I pulled on my initial sort, and they’re looking great! Mom has an appointment this afternoon and then she’s off to work on her black belt ninja thrift store skills. Before she left I had her come over and pick up a few puzzles that I was ready to donate to (or back to) Goodwill, so she sat for a bit and helped me work on a few doors. Isn’t it looking fabulous?

I overdid it a little bit this morning so I’m resting in bed at the moment. Then it’ll be off to sort a few more doors and maybe even put one or two more together. Collages rock!

2 thoughts on “Making Excellent Progress!

  1. Merylee Robinson

    Hi again, i cant wait for your updates on the doors of Europe puzzle. I have it in my stash and although it looks so much fun to do, i have been put off by the 1500 pieces, never having done over 1000 before. So ill see how you go and you can make me brave!
    Best wishes from Australia
    Merylee x


    1. Hi Merylee! Doors of Europe is finished, you can see it in my October completed puzzles for 2018. It’ll probably be a couple of weeks before I post the puzzle on the blog.

      It is SO MUCH FUN! My advice is to just jump in, I got it finished in 3 days! That’s pretty amazing considering that I’ve been having a hard time with even 1000 pieces lately. The collage aspect made it so much less scary, and I had the best time. I highly recommend it!

      Happy puzzling!


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