Still to Life

Still to Life by Dominic Davison – Wentworth Wooden Puzzles – 40 pieces

This micro puzzle has beautiful, deep colors and was great fun to assemble. I love the images of Dominic Davison; they’re serene, beautiful, and calming.

As usual, this Wentworth puzzle was excellent quality. It has the loose fit that almost all wooden puzzles have, but I don’t find it as distracting as I do with cardboard puzzles. It’s probably a bit hypocritical on my part, but for me the added pleasure of working with wooden pieces makes up for dealing with the loose fit. The image reproduction is excellent, and adhered well to the wood. There are a good variety of piece shapes, including some whimsy pieces – shown below….


This puzzle had another rerun of whimsies; these are the same pieces in the Sky Roads micro puzzle. They made much more sense for this image than they did for the hot air balloons puzzle, in my opinion.

My to do pile of Wentworth micro puzzles is dwindling, there are only 5 left. They’re perfect for when I don’t have much time, when I might have to spend time in waiting rooms, or for when I have to work on puzzles laying down. I’m going to have to make these 5 puzzles last – or perhaps I should purchase some more. 😉


Lucy’s Shop

Lucy’s Shop by Kay Lamb Shannon – Bits and Pieces – 1000 piece

How I wish I’d taken a better picture of this puzzle, it’s absolutely beautiful! The colors were lovely and it was just about a perfect image for puzzling.

This Bits and Pieces puzzle had a very good fit, and I very much enjoyed finding and assembling each small section. If you can believe it, after assembling the edge I started with the grass! I figured it was going to be the most difficult part, so why not get it out of the way first? It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be, and for me it made the rest of the puzzle seem easier.

The shop itself was the easiest part to put together, and each person in front of it was so entertaining to find and assemble; I really had a great time with this puzzle!

How is it that I can remember so much about a puzzle I put together over two years ago, but can’t remember things that happened yesterday? I have no idea, but I do know this – getting older ain’t for sissies!