A Ruff Life

A Ruff Life by Brooke Faulder, Bits and Pieces – 1000 pieces

This puzzle was from a 3 in 1 box set by Bits and Pieces, it was great fun! It’s another puzzle that I completed several years ago; it’s funny how I can specifically recall puzzles from more than 2 years ago, but can’t remember what I had for lunch 2 days ago. 😐

A Ruff Life was the main reason I purchased the set, the other two were nice enough, but this was the puzzle I wanted to assemble most. The bright colors, cute puppies and interesting patterns made for an entertaining but challenging assembly. Challenging is not always a bad thing, many times the complexity draws me in and I find myself completely absorbed in figuring out. Other times the challenge seems overwhelming and tedious, and I’m only interested in finishing it so that I can move on to a more “amusing” puzzle. Fortunately this puzzle was the absorbing type of challenge.

Bits and Pieces quality isn’t always consistent, but the quality of this particular puzzle was very good. The pieces were a good thickness, the random cut meant there were a very good variety of shapes, and the image reproduction was quite good as well. The end result is almost seamless – the fit was excellent.

The lighter browns and darker areas were the most challenging (although there doesn’t seem to be much darkness looking at the completed puzzle). I still remember how much I enjoyed this puzzle; the random cut kept it interesting, the dogs are extremely cute, and the overall image is perfect for puzzling.

A Ruff Life is no longer in print, but if you come across a copy it’s definitely recommended. 👍

4 thoughts on “A Ruff Life

  1. Penny Allenbaugh Weiss

    Aww, this one is so cute! How are you Stacey? Haven’t commented in a while….been reading the posts but just busy, busy, busy. I’m sure you know how that is too.

    How are you feeling? Better I hope!!!! 🙂



      1. Penny Allenbaugh Weiss

        I’m so sorry to hear that, Stacey! I surely hope there is some kind of surgery you could get that could improve your quality of life. And, I also pray that the company you worked for had to pay dearly for what they have caused you…obviously a very life changing event.

        I’m amazed at how you stay so positive. It’s really inspiring! 🙂 Stick with the puzzles, they are great therapy too.



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