Pattern 1

Pattern 1 by Patchwork – Milton Bradley – 300 pieces

These puzzles make me so happy, they’re beautiful, fun to put together, and they remind me of the pattern/coloring books that mom used to get for us. For me they were so much more interesting to color than your “regular” coloring books for children.

I would love to do this pattern in a larger piece count, they are the perfect image for me; bright colors, fun patterns, and they’re a collage. The quality is excellent – thick pieces, good variety of shapes, excellent image, and a great fit. I’ve found and assembled all 3 of the 300 piece patterns that I could find. There’s a similar 500 piece puzzle available that I would definitely like to get my hands on.

If I could find these patterns in 1000 pieces or even more I might get over my issue with larger piece counts at the moment and dive in!



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