Three Arches

Three Arches by Arturo Zarraga – Wentworth Wooden Puzzles – 250 pieces

This is a beautiful puzzle that I very much enjoyed assembling. As always, working with a wooden puzzle makes me extremely happy, and that the image is so lovely makes it even better.

The artist, Arturo Zarraga, was born in Mexico City and many of his paintings are scenes from the area where he was raised. The info I found on this puzzle says this is a street scene from Mexico City. The whimsies, however, tell a slightly different story…


If the image is supposed to be Mexico City, I’m not sure why one of the pieces is in the shape of South America – it’s the wrong continent! There are no llamas in Mexico, and Christ the Redeemer is in Rio, Brazil.; but I’m probably nitpicking, right? Problem is, I have way too much time on my hands to look these things up!

Inaccurate whimsies aside, this puzzle was beautiful and wonderfully entertaining to assemble; the color palette is so pleasing it makes for great puzzling. Wentworth Puzzles have such excellent quality and a large and varied catalog, it’s difficult for me to go on their website without wanting to buy way too many puzzles. Of course if I’m honest, that happens on pretty much EVERY puzzle website that I go to. 😉


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