Hot Air Balloon Sunset

Hot Air Balloon Sunset – Milton Bradley – 500 pieces

My daughter took me puzzle shopping last week, and while I don’t normally care for hot air balloon puzzles this one was only 500 pieces and the colors were so pretty that I couldn’t resist it.

I’ve been finding a lot of these Milton Bradley puzzles lately, they’re pretty good quality and they have some really nice images to choose from. I especially appreciate the nice fit and variety of piece shapes. The feel of the pieces is smooth and pleasant, and I enjoy working with them. Good thing too, since almost all the smaller piece count puzzles I’ve been finding have been this brand.

The colors are quite striking and they all work together to make a beautiful puzzle; although there’s no mention of the artist anywhere on the box. This seems to be a theme lately, why are puzzle companies not crediting the artist? It isn’t just Milton Bradley, it’s been the case with several puzzles from different manufacturers. Not cool if you ask me.

How many hot air balloon puzzles have you seen or done?

12 thoughts on “Hot Air Balloon Sunset

      1. The White House, Eiffel Tower, I have a 3,000 piece 3D puzzle of the whole New York Skyline. I have never figured out how to put it together most of the pieces are the same square tiny piece over and over again. I’ve never done globes. That’s really cool!


  1. This is a really nice puzzle. Hot air balloons are so fun as they’re very colorful. I really enjoyed all the hot air balloons in the first section of the LIfe puzzle. There were a ton and they were huge. When I was sorting that first section, I had a difficult time sorting the hot air balloon pieces from the clownfish pieces at the bottom. The more I worked the first 6,000 pieces, the more familiar I got with them and I was eventually able to just look at a piece and immediately know if it was a balloon or a fish.

    I know you get a lot of your puzzles from thrift stores. Is Goodwill one that you tend to get a lot from? I’m finding here in Mt. Dora and Leesburg that they have a pretty decent puzzle collection all the time. I usually go in and come out with no less than 3 puzzles every time. Probably a bad thing for my addiction, but at least they’re easy on the pocketbook. LOL



    1. I don’t normally care for hot air balloon puzzles, there are just so many of them out there that it seems overdone. The couple that I’ve done have been fun though. They’re just not the ones I normally seek out.

      Mom has a bunch of thrift stores that she shops, but several of them are Goodwill. Easy on the pocketbook is always a good thing!


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