New 40,320 Piece Mickey Mouse Puzzle!


Well what do you think of this?!? I read about this puzzle on the blog of a friend from Russia, and found it already available for sale on a jigsaw puzzle site in the Czech Republic! It took a lot of searching online to find it, but I refused to give up and finally found the little bugger. 🙂

Here’s the info I was able to find:

  • 40,320 pieces (same size as Disney Memorable Moments)
  • 22.3 feet x 6.2 feet (680 x 190 cm)
  • Comes in 10 sections of 4032 pieces
  • Box weighs about 44 pounds
  • Manufactured by Ravensburger
  • Priced at around $500 USD 😮

This puzzle is celebrating the 90th birthday of our beloved Mickey Mouse. I wish I could get a better look at each of the 10 frames, but unfortunately I was not able to find any images of each of the sections separately. This is the best I can do for now…


It looks as though it’s artist desk/collage images from Mickey’s past 90 years. I’m really looking forward to being able to see each panel close up – it looks like fun!

I wasn’t able to find the official title of the puzzle. It could be “Mickey – The True Original” – that’s what I can see on the front of the box; my friend in Russia says the title is “Disney – The 90th Birthday of Mickey Mouse”. According to the Czech puzzle site, the name is Puzzle Mickey Mouse. Google translate tries, but it doesn’t always do right by me, so I can’t say for sure just yet. 😉

I doubt I’ll be buying this one any time soon, but for some reason news of this puzzle really got me excited! I spent well over an hour searching everywhere I could think of to find any information I could. I’ll update with new info when I can find it, but these things seem to take a long time – especially when you’re really looking forward to them!

What do you think? Gonna give this one a go?

6 thoughts on “New 40,320 Piece Mickey Mouse Puzzle!


    Just email Ravensburger to get official information (like when the puzzle will be available in the USA) and ask for close-up photos of the box top/puzzle image. There should be an email address on Ravenburger’s facebook “about” page — I’ve done it before and whoever monitors the facebook account will forward your email to the right Ravensburger people.


  2. It’s so funny, but when I saw this puzzle in my big puzzle enthusiasts’ group on Flickr last week, you were the first person I thought about. I figured you would like it, and I too spent quite a bit of time trying to find a bigger, more up close picture of each of the 10 frames as its very difficult to see any detail in the ones they have online so far.

    I also tried to figure out the name of the puzzle as well, and came up with just the name printed on the box. I can tell from what I can see of the image that it would be great fun. Although, I think I will still prefer Disney Moments more, I would consider doing this one as well someday…when the price comes down a bit!

    I imagine the thought of tackling this beast for you is too daunting given your health at the moment, but hopefully one day soon you will be able to look at it and say, “I think I can do this now.” and rip the cord and purchase. 🙂



  3. Sam Sattler

    This is going to be a big year for Mickey. I saw two or three 1000-2000 puzzles at Hobby Lobby the other day featuring his history…and it seems to me (and I’m not positive, so don’t get excited yet), that one of them was from Ravensburger and had a similar look to the type of stuff shown in the panels of this huge monster. I wonder if Ravensburger is selling “single panel puzzles” in smaller piece-counts?


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