Doc’s Pond

Doc’s Pond by Loren Blackburn – Sure-Lox – 300 pieces

This is another puzzle where the picture isn’t my usual, but as free is my favorite price it isn’t one that I would pass up. It was given to us by a friend of my mother’s who only does 300 piece puzzles. Usually they keep them for years and keep track on the box of each time it’s assembled. I don’t think they cared much for this one, it seems to have only been put together once and then given to us.

Most of the EZ grip 300 piece puzzles have very thick pieces, these did not. They were sturdy, but not overly thick. They’re actually the nicest Sure-Lox pieces I’ve worked with before. They fit together well and the image reproduction was good. There was only one piece shape, which I am not fond of – especially with an image like this one where there is so much greenery.

Sure-Lox puzzles are on my list of puzzles we don’t buy, not even from the thrift stores. All the pieces are what I call ballerinas, and when you add that to the thinness of the pieces and how easily they are bent – I just don’t find them worth my time. I assembled this one because I wanted to work with one of their large piece puzzles to see how they compared. The pieces were sturdier, which is a plus in my book. But still the thin pieces with just one piece shape – I wasn’t overly impressed.

It’s a pretty puzzle that fit together well, but that’s about all the praise I have for it. It was a quick assembly, and not too difficult. A fun afternoon of puzzling.



2 thoughts on “Doc’s Pond

  1. Interestingly, the outline of the puzzle pieces is almost hidden other than the little bit of light blue sky and the darker blue to the left of the porch. To me this is a good thing as it means it fits together pretty tightly. That’s one of my biggest pet peeves of puzzles that are not great quality. If you assemble it and every single cut line shows up in the picture it drives me bananas. LOL


    1. I’m not a fan of the obvious piece shape either, especially if it’s a puzzle I wanted to frame. But in the end, it doesn’t really detract from the fun of the assembly for me. Everyone has their own set of standards for what they do and don’t like in a puzzle, it’s fascinating to me. 🙂


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