London, The Thames….

London, The Thames… by Giovanni Canal – Wentworth Wooden Puzzles – 40 pieces

London, The Thames with View of the City and St. Paul’s Cathedral – a giant name for such a small puzzle! This is another in my collection of Wentworth micro puzzles, perfect for when I’m stuck in bed but still want to work on a puzzle.

This is absolutely NOT the type of image that I prefer to assemble, but when there are so few pieces I’ll take on just about any challenge. I appreciate the workmanship of these puzzles, and that they’re easy to take and assemble anywhere – especially when you don’t have much time or space.

I’m always amazed at how difficult a puzzle with so few pieces can be. You would think with only 30-40 pieces it would go together quickly, but they usually don’t. The cut is such that it takes a bit of brain power to complete, but I love that. They’re fun and challenging, the best qualities of a great puzzle!


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