Current Puzzle in Progress


I’m finally working on my Mother’s Day/Anniversary puzzle! It’s going very slowly, but I’m having a great time anyway.

The bird shown was the first part of the puzzle I assembled as it’s the lightest color and the pieces were the easiest to find. I love the cut of the pieces and the fantastic whimsies – there are so many birds! There are 2 bird and 3 human figures in this small section alone.

I’m finding it hard to concentrate so I am only able to work on this puzzle in little chunks of time, but however long it takes me will be time well spent. Do you have a puzzle in progress? How’s it coming along?

4 thoughts on “Current Puzzle in Progress

  1. Ellen

    Oh, my gosh. Now that is beautiful. I had to go to the Liberty Puzzle site and peek at the whole puzzle. It will be fabulous when finished!


    1. It definitely will, and I’m even planning on trying the alternate solution though it will probably take me a while. It didn’t even come with any instructions or a picture! I see lots of staring at the computer screen image in my future.

      The colors are so beautiful and the pieces are so great I can’t stop myself from working on it, even if I can only put in 2 or 3 pieces at a time. It’s gorgeous!


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