Jazz Dance

Jazz Dance by William Bolin – NY Puzzle Company – 750 pieces

There’s something about the look of magazine cover puzzles that I absolutely love. The vintage covers are interesting and beautiful and make for a nice change from landscapes and other “usual” puzzle images.

This is my first NY Puzzle Company puzzle, and I enjoyed it very much. There was a large amount of puzzle dust, but otherwise I found the quality to be quite good. The random cut made it challenging and fun, the pieces were thick and fit together well, and the matte finish helped make sure that the darker areas weren’t too difficult to assemble under lights.

The Vogue covers by William Bolin are striking and beautiful, and any of them would make some challenging and wonderful puzzles. Here are a few of my favorite Vogue covers of his from the 1920’s and 1930’s – they’re stunning!

I had a great time with this assembly; the blocks of color, musical score, and darker areas made for a great balance of ease and challenge. The cut was much more random than some brands, and made for some excellent gray cell exercise. Many times you think you’re looking for a certain shape, and it turns out that you’re actually looking for 2 smaller pieces that are not shaped how you thought at all. It keeps you on your toes!

I’m looking forward to working more puzzles from this brand, this one was good quality – and a good time. What else could I ask for?

2 thoughts on “Jazz Dance

  1. I’ve only ever done one of their puzzles, but I really enjoyed it…especially those little trick pieces that combined to produce the one bigger piece I was expecting to find. Mine was a Popular Science cover from the twenties, and the puzzle was called “Perpetual Motion.”


    1. The vintage magazine covers are so much more interesting to me, and they make exceptionally fun puzzles. I do enjoy the random cut, I think it makes your brain work a little differently than when you’re putting together a grid cut puzzle. I find them entertaining and very enjoyable!


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