Provence Market

Provence Market by Sam Park – Milton Bradley – 300 pieces

This was quite a difficult puzzle for only 300 pieces, but I was looking to keep my mind engaged and this image certainly did the trick! It’s a beautiful picture, but the style of the artwork makes it a bit of a challenge to assemble.

The quality of this Milton Bradley puzzle was exceptional, with very thick pieces that fit together beautifully. The image reproduction is lovely, and it never ceases to boggle the mind how the mottled looking colors on the pieces turn in to such a charming image. I love how almost all of the brands of 300 piece puzzles are such excellent quality. I’m enjoying all of these smaller piece count puzzles and their wonderful quality.

It’s interesting how my image choice depends so much on the piece count. I highly doubt that I would choose to assemble this image in anything larger than 500 pieces. The art style makes it quite a challenge and I think it would just be too frustrating for me. This was a fun assembly though, and the right amount of difficulty.

There are so many beautiful 300 or 500 piece puzzles out there, and I find that most of them with larger pieces are wonderful quality. I’m looking forward to finding more interesting and challenging puzzles!

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