Harvest of Gold

Harvest of Gold by Charles Freitag – Sunsout – 500 pieces

This image reminds me of my youth; I grew up in farm country. Tractors and fields remind me of home and a simpler time.

The colors of these machines jumped right out at me; dad always had a John Deere, as did most of the other people in our area. I don’t ever recall seeing a blue tractor! As a puzzler, the bright blue and yellow made for an easy place to start assembly, once they’re done there are plenty of places to work from and holes to fill in. I thought the corn field itself would be a pain, but it wasn’t bad at all. I suppose it’s more about the artwork than I thought!

This was the first panoramic Sunsout puzzle that I’ve assembled, the fit was very nice (not too tight) and it was grid cut rather than random. It doesn’t seem like it from the picture, but this puzzle is 3 feet long. It’s nice every once in a while to have a longer, shorter puzzle; there’s less leaning forward to place pieces and it’s easier on your back and neck. At least that’s how it is for little old lady me. 👵


3 thoughts on “Harvest of Gold

  1. Sam Sattler

    I build panoramic style puzzles a lot for exactly the reasons you mention. In fact, I’m working one right now from SunsOut that is 16 x 34 and 1000 pieces. I’ve come to enjoy them but have never framed one because of the space required to hang them.


      1. Sam Sattler

        I’ve only framed a couple so far, but the frames I constructed are a fairly common puzzle size, making it possible for me to move different puzzles in and out of the frames if I want to change the look of my study. I don’t use glass, and I tape from the backside with removable tape instead of gluing.


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