Humility by Richard Welker – Ceaco – 550 pieces

So I have to eat my words, this puzzle is from Ceaco and not only was it really good quality, the image is amazing and was fantastic to assemble.

Ceaco isn’t a favorite brand, but they do have an interesting and varied catalog and very reasonable prices. We usually only buy them from the thrift stores and only when it’s an image that really strikes us. I actually bought this one new! Can you believe it? I loved the image so much and was on the hunt for puzzles with smaller piece counts so I decided to give it a try. The quality was quite good and we loved putting it together. So here I am, chomping on my puzzle snobby words. 🍴

The pieces were thicker than many other Ceaco puzzles I’ve assembled, and the fit was excellent. You can barely see the piece shapes in the image above, and that’s only because of the light color in the bottom corner. When it was photographed and ready to be disassembled we were able to lift the entire puzzle and nothing came apart!

The image is amazing and I’ve already found and purchased another one by the same artist; I’m ready to assemble it with mom when she gets home. Get your little old lady butt home soon momma, we’ve got puzzles to do!


12 thoughts on “Humility

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  2. Sam Sattler

    That’s a cool image and does look like it would be great fun to assemble. Ceaco does seem to be all over the map as regards their overall quality. Is there any possibility that they use different people to put together their puzzles…maybe based on piece-count, image type, what market they are aiming the puzzle at, etc.? Sure makes me wonder.


  3. Julie

    Wow. What a gorgeous image. Looks like great fun to do.
    I’ve never tried any Ceaco puzzles.
    My favourites at the moment are the Heye Rosina Wachtmeister series. Especially the ones with the gold foil stamping. Such a joy to do them. The pieces fit together perfectly and the images and colours are beautiful.


    1. I do love a Heye puzzle, they usually have a very good fit. I don’t think I’ve done one of their puzzles since Halloween last year! I have a few left to do, but they’re 2000 and 4000 pieces and I’m not sure I’m ready for that at the moment. LOL

      Ceaco isn’t the best quality, and I usually never purchase them new – but I just couldn’t resist the image. It’s beautiful!


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