Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker – White Mountain – 1000 pieces

Here’s another fun puzzle that 3 generations of women in my family assembled together. My mother, my daughter and I all spent the day together and worked on this puzzle; it was harder than it looks but we got it done!

A lot of these packages were foreign to me, toastwiches? What in the world was an Answer Cake? Never heard of them! Most of our meals when I was young were actual home cooking. Store bought cookies taste awful to me, I’ve always had homemade. (Oreos are the exception, mom never had that recipe 😉 ) Mom got reminiscent while we were working, especially about the Betty Crocker coupons – apparently our silverware was purchased with them! How cool is that?

Sometimes the White Mountain quality is just mediocre, and this was one of those times. There were a few coupled pieces that weren’t completely separated, and a few pieces with the image coming off. The image reproduction was slightly blurry in some places, but overall was good. The fit was very good, right in the middle – not too tight or loose.

Collages are my favorite puzzle type, I love the fun of assembling several mini puzzles that all connect together. Working with the box lid and having to search for where a piece or section goes feels tedious and almost like a job to me, there’s no fun in that. Puzzling for me helps me to relax, de-stress, and pass the time; if it feels like a “task” it wipes out all the relaxation and makes time seem to drag.

We all have something different that we’re looking for in a great puzzle – piece shapes, thickness, fit, number of pieces, an image that excites or inspires. What makes a puzzle fun for me may be the exact thing that drives someone else crazy – good thing there are so many different images and companies to choose from! What’s your ideal puzzle?


2 thoughts on “Betty Crocker

  1. Mom

    What a fun day that was! My mother always saved Betty Crocker coupons and I did too. Got my silverware with them. Loved getting quality tableware for next to nothing for being a loyal Betty Crocker customer! It was like Christmas when it arrived. As a kid, I’m sure you didn’t notice, but having such good stuff to use at every meal was a fabulous thing for me! Loved doing this puzzle with my girls!


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