Monarch Butterfly Tree

Monarch Butterfly Tree by Paul Huessenstamm – Pomegranate – 100 pieces

Usually when you see a 100 piece puzzle they are made for children, these are not kids puzzles! Pomegranate has a whole line of 100 piece puzzles with images by Charley Harper, Edward Gorey, Henri Rousseau and many more. They are beautiful little puzzles that come in a metal tin that’s perfect for traveling. Pomegranate knows how to do it right!

The pieces don’t exactly feel the same as their larger piece count puzzles, but they’re still thick and fit together very well. The finish is a little shiny, but the image reproduction is beautiful and bright with clean lines. I love their images, such beautiful works of art!

I find Paul Huessenstamm’s work is lovely to look at, as well as fun and challenging to assemble, I highly recommend trying a puzzle with his artwork. I reviewed his Mandala Fruit Tree last year and thoroughly enjoyed it.

It’s a small little puzzle, and doesn’t take much time. It’s perfect for travel in a very thin and portable metal tin. There are quite a few of these mini puzzles available, all with beautiful artwork; you should check them out!

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