Wild Babies, Baby Orangutan

Wild Babies, Baby Orangutan – Bepuzzled (Discovery Channel) – 250 pieces

This is a cute puzzle, sort of. I guess it depends on if you think orangutans are cute. LOL It was only 250 pieces, so I thought it would be a quick one to work on. It wasn’t, because I wasn’t feeling well, and I didn’t get it finished until mom came back from her overseas trip. Once she was there to work with me it got done much faster! (We cheer each other on, and help out when one of us is having a tough time with a puzzle)

The pieces were pretty thin and the finish was a bit shiny, but all in all it wasn’t too bad. The fit was nice and there were a good variety of shapes to work with. I don’t know that I’d purchase this brand again unless it was an image that I really wanted.

This was an unopened thrift store purchase, so for 69 cents you can’t beat it, even if it wasn’t a premium quality puzzle. It was all there, and provided some much need relaxation and stress relief; not to mention some puzzle time with mom! ☺



4 thoughts on “Wild Babies, Baby Orangutan

  1. Anonymous Person

    I had one of their mystery themed puzzles and the quality was absolute rubbish. IMHO it’s not a brand worth seeking out. But then again, sometimes when I get a rubbish quality puzzle I wonder how many were affected……….


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