Spectacular Peacock

Spectacular Peacock by Aimee Stewart – Wentworth Wooden Puzzles – 240 pieces

This puzzle fit very nicely on the beside table in my hospital room, I need my puzzles! This stunningly beautiful puzzle was 240 pieces of boredom therapy; I loved taking my mind off of everything else going on, and being able to do something other than stare at the television. Is it too much to ask for the hospitals to have Netflix? LOL

I know now the reason that I went a little insane last year and purchased 30-some micro puzzles from Wentworth, along with a few of their “midsize” puzzles. I was going to need them in January for my hospital stay! Mom brought me a bunch of micro puzzles and 2 of the larger ones to keep my puzzle brain happy and engaged while I was laid up. Thanks Wentworth – I love them so much❣

This puzzle and the next 8 posts coming up are all from my week in the hospital. Two of them are larger (over 200 pieces), one is a 100 piece, and the remaining five are micro puzzles from 40-60 pieces. My apologies for having so many very small puzzles in a row, but I’ve almost completely used up my “bank” of puzzle posts, and will have to work to build it back up once I’ve completely recovered and am able to sit and puzzle again.

This Aimee Stewart puzzle is absolutely gorgeous, everyone who saw it exclaimed over it and how beautiful and unusual it was. Of course it’s beautiful, it’s an Aimee Stewart! The irregular edge and amazingly detailed image made this a bit of a challenge, but that was exactly what was needed to stave off the boredom that comes with being bed-ridden. Luckily puzzles can be done almost anywhere you can find a flat surface. 🙂

The whimsies included in this puzzle are as wonderfully detailed and beautiful as the puzzle itself. There are several peacocks, flowers, butterflies, and more. Gorgeous! Assembling the edge took a bit of time, but I loved every moment. Holding a wooden puzzle piece while contemplating it’s placement is almost as satisfying as the plunk when it falls into place. The entire assembly was a joy, and exactly what I needed. Aimee Stewart and Wentworth Puzzles to the rescue!

I know wooden puzzles aren’t for everyone, and the added price is a bit much for some. But I encourage every puzzler to treat themselves at least once to a wooden puzzle. There are some reasonably priced companies out there (check out my post on wooden puzzle companies and their products here), and maybe you could request a smaller, reasonably priced wooden puzzle for your birthday this year. Artifact has the best prices and a wonderful catalog to choose from starting at only $18, Liberty’s extra small puzzles are intricate and amazing (around 100 pieces) and start at $39, and Wentworth micro puzzles are deceptively simple looking but a fun challenge and start at only $12. They are puzzles you will want to do again and again, and end up being absolutely worth the additional price. You’re worth it – treat yourself! I’m planning on requesting some small Liberty puzzles for Mother’s Day this year. 😎


3 thoughts on “Spectacular Peacock

  1. Anonymous Person

    Sorry to hear about your hospital stay — best wishes for a speedy recovery. I look forward to all your puzzle reviews regardless of the puzzle piece count 🙂


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