Review: The Christmas Library

The Christmas Library by Aimee Stewart – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

Aimee Stewart and Ravensburger, always a fantastic combination! Her artwork is beautiful and colorful and ever entertaining, and her puzzles have never disappointed. 🙂

The Christmas Library made for excellent puzzling – I enjoyed every single piece. Having words to assemble always makes me happy, and the style of the vintage books, ornaments, and images was absolutely gorgeous! The quality was excellent, as usual. It’s very rare that I have any quality issues with Ravensburger. The pieces look and feel like a premium puzzle, and fit together like one too. An all around fantastic Christmas image!

I’ve never really been a Christmas puzzle person, most holiday puzzles are so similar that they don’t interest me much. This year though, I’ve been lucky enough to find a few puzzles that are outside the norm, and they’ve been quite fun to assemble. I’m putting this one in that group, it’s more of a collage and that’s more to my liking then the standard Santa and the tree puzzles.

Stay tuned, the next 3 days will be all Christmas puzzles that I’ve assembled this season; I enjoyed every one. (I can hardly believe I just wrote that! 😮 )


  • Title:                  The Christmas Library
  • Artist:                Aimee Stewart
  • Brand:               Ravensburger
  • Piece count:     1000 pieces
  • Size:                   Approx. 27 x 20 in. (70 x 50 cm)
  • Purchased:       New


  • Board:               Excellent
  • Cutting:             Very good
  • Image:               Excellent
  • Box:                   Average
  • Fit:                     Very good
  • Puzzle Dust:     Small amount
  • Piece cut:          Grid cut
  • Piece shapes:   Very good variety
  • Finish:               Slightly shiny finish, lays flat

Overall Rating:      Excellent, recommended

7 thoughts on “Review: The Christmas Library

  1. Anonymous Person

    I have a few Christmas puzzles that are a bit outside the norm too and I look forward to your Christmas puzzle posts over the next few days.

    I’m disappointed that I missed out on ‘Christmas on Pet Street’ by Ravensburger this year (it seems to be sold out eveywhere) but I’m not going to dwell on it and be obsessive about trying to track down a copy. Let’s see if I can follow through on those words I typed 😉


    1. I’ve got one collage and 4 micro puzzles to post. Nothing spectacular, but they were all fun, which is something I normally don’t say about Christmas puzzles. 😉 I think my favorite of the year was Christmas Ornaments by Cobble Hill, it’s so different and visually stunning. It was a challenge but totally worth it!


  2. Anonymous Person

    P.S. Just saw that Mountain Vigil is “on your board” right now. What a stunning image — the quilt field in front of the mountains is so interesting and nothing I’ve seen before. It looks like quite a challenging image though. How is assembly going? Who is the manufacturer and what is the piece count? (It’s okay if you’d rather keep that info to yourself until you reveal all that info in a forthcoming post — totally understand.)


    1. It’s a Sunsout puzzle, 1000 pieces. It looks like it was published in 2008, we found it at a thrift store – I don’t believe it’s in print unfortunately. I love quilt puzzles, so mom made sure to pick this up for me when she found it. It isn’t one that I’ll be keeping, so if it’s complete I’d be happy to send it to you for the price of shipping if you’re interested.

      Assembly is going well, I’m about half done and it’s even more gorgeous in person. I’m loving it!


      1. Anonymous Person

        That is *very* kind and generous of you to offer me the Sunsout puzzle for the price of shipping. It’s true that I do find the image quite stunning (and unusual, but in a good way) but at the same time, for me, it’s one of those images that I don’t think would translate well into a puzzle I would enjoy assembling. We all have our own personal preferences when it comes to puzzle art and what we like and don’t like in a puzzle and, for me, the abstractness/pattern of the quilt would be quite tricky along with the monochromatic bits of the skyline, mountains, and trees. However, again, thank you for offering it to me. I hope you can understanding why I’m declining your offer and there aren’t any hard feelings. I’m glad to hear that you are loving the puzzle.


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