Blind as a Bat

Blind as a Bat by Mike Jupp – All Jigsaw Puzzles – 500 pieces

This is the third puzzle in the Party Animals collection from All Jigsaw Puzzles that I’ve assembled. I was a bit worried about all the snow in this one, thought it might be difficult. It wasn’t of course, it was the perfect amount of challenging, and a lot of fun!

The quality of these puzzles has been very good, but there was a bit of an issue with this one. There were quite a few pieces still connected and many pieces with hanging bits of paper on the back. I must have gotten one from the end of the run. The first two puzzles in this series that I did had no problems at all.

I love these Party Animals by Mike Jupp, they’re so fun and adorable; glad I bought all four. The artwork is incredibly detailed and beautiful and the humor is right up my alley. I’m hoping that my quality issue with this puzzle is just a manufacturing mistake – All Jigsaw Puzzles have so many great looking images that are very tempting! 😉

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