Festive Fir & Festive Gingerbread House

Festive Fir – Wentworth Wooden Puzzles – 30 pieces

These are a couple of the Christmas micro puzzles from Wentworth Wooden Puzzles. I went a little insane and ordered MANY of these 30-40 piece puzzles when there was a free shipping special. I don’t regret it, I’m worth it, and they make me happy. Besides, they’re so cute and fun to assemble they will be done many more times – no doubt about it!

The festive fir was a challenging cut, but even the more difficult ones aren’t too bad when there are only 30-40 pieces. It’s lovely to sit and assemble a puzzle in the time it takes to have a cup of coffee. A fellow jigsaw puzzle blogger from Russia calls these “one coffee puzzles”; they are small piece count puzzles you can finish in one quick sitting. I love the name and have started using it too.

I’m not really a collector, so puzzle boxes aren’t really that important to me. I do take note when they’re interesting or really well done. The boxes for these Christmas micro puzzles are so adorable I had to give them a mention. They’re shaped like Christmas crackers! You twist open one of the ends, and the pieces are inside in a gold mesh bag.


It won’t be as easy to shelve these as it would for regular boxes, but they’re just too cute not to show you. They’re a little more expensive than the regular micro puzzles, but oh well. 😎


Festive Gingerbread House – Wentworth Wooden Puzzles – 36 pieces

A completely adorable gingerbread house! I’m glad I splurged and bought all of these micro puzzles – mom and I absolutely love them. This one was also a little bit of a challenging cut, but it was a joy to put together.

My wonderful husband has never said a negative word about any of my puzzle purchases, in fact he thinks I should spend money on myself more often! So there’s really no problem with all these purchases, right? Of course right! 😁 (Sometimes I have to keep reminding myself of that, it’s still pretty new to me spending money on things I don’t really need, and at times I feel a little buyer’s remorse)

5 thoughts on “Festive Fir & Festive Gingerbread House

  1. Anonymous Person

    Just curious, since you ordered a ton of Wentworth’s micro puzzles, are they all for keeps or are you gifting any of them? (Not judging, I’m sure they would be hard to part with!) Also, you did a summary post of wooden jigsaw puzzles awhile back. Was Wentworth the only company you would purchase from again or was your purchase more motivated by the free shipping? Can’t believe Wentworth did free shipping across the pond and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t even think to check their site for Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals.


    1. They’re all for keeps at the moment. But I may order some more of the Christmas cracker ones next year for stocking stuffers. They’re too adorable and too much fun to keep just to myself.

      I would, and already have, ordered more from Liberty and Artifact Puzzles. They’re my two favorites of the five I tried. I’m definitely wanting to get another Kinnally puzzle from Peaceful Wooden Puzzles as well; I love his designs and the puzzles are excellent quality too. So, 4 out of 5 will definitely get more of my business. Liberty has the most interesting shapes and the most whimsies, my wishlist there is more than $6000! 😮


  2. Anonymous Person

    Which micro puzzles didn’t you order? Is it safe to assume that you at least didn’t order the one or two puzzles that resemble that tiny 1000 piece snow tree puzzle that you didn’t end up finishing?

    P.S. Thanks for the info about the mug


    1. I didn’t order the 70th wedding anniversary of the queen. There was another one that is no longer showing on the micro puzzles page now that I didn’t get as well. Otherwise, we got every one they offered – including the wintry trees! (The Puzzle that Froze Christmas and The Puzzle that Burnt the Turkey) I haven’t done them yet but mom has, and she says they’re really not difficult with the unique cuts. She says they were quite fun, even if the turkey one with the snowflake shapes was a little more challenging.

      I hope you found a nice coffee mug for some “one coffee puzzles”. I googled it to check for you and spent several minutes looking at all the fun mugs! ☕


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