Colours of Asia

Colours of Asia – Educa – 1000 pieces

My first Educa puzzle! Not bad at all – I liked it very much. 👍

From what I’ve read online I was expecting a puzzle with a very loose fit, I was happy to find out that this was not the case. It was slightly loose fitting but not at all what I’d imagined. Good piece thickness and image reproduction, and the pieces lie flat in the finished puzzle. The only issue I had was with similarly shaped pieces and sometimes thinking you’d placed a piece properly when you didn’t. It didn’t cause too much problem in this puzzle, but I’d be careful if there were a puzzle with a large amount of the same color. Otherwise I have no problem with their quality and wouldn’t hesitate to order a puzzle. Note to self: No big blue skies if ordering an Educa puzzle!

It’s nice to order a brand and find out for yourself what YOU think of the quality. Everyone has different qualities that are most important to them – piece shape, thickness, how the pieces fit together, grid cut, random cut, etc. You have to find out what is important to you in a puzzle and which brands are the ones you prefer. Everyone is different and you can use other’s reviews as a guide, but only you can decide which is best for you. I’m trying when I order puzzles to find a company I haven’t tried before and see if there’s a puzzle that looks like fun for me to assemble. This is the puzzle I choose to try out Educa; cool picture, right?

This image is beautiful, and it’s always fun to have several little pictures in the bigger puzzle (well, it is for me anyway). When I was assembling this puzzle there were several extremely stressful things going on, and this puzzle was a welcome respite. I could sit, even if only for a few minutes , and pull out pieces for one small section and just be absorbed in the puzzle and fitting pieces together. Too bad there weren’t more than 1000 pieces, the stress is still here but the puzzle is done! 🙂

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