Hearts of Gold

Hearts of Gold by Stefanie Steinmayer – Heye – 500 pieces

I’m not sure what it is about this image I love so much, but I do love it and the assembly was quick and just challenging enough. Excellent, excellent puzzle!

I really was wanting to get these new puzzles that I ordered, and as soon as it got here I stopped the puzzle I was working on to get going on this one. Started and finished it in one day, even though I had a horrible day with pain and couldn’t sit or stand for very long. I was also watching my grandpuppies that day, which is tiring, whew!

Sometimes a puzzle just grabs me and I want to keep going until it’s finished no matter what – not interested in food breaks, or puppy play time breaks or anything really; it’s almost an imposition when life breaks in and demands my attention. Most puzzles aren’t like that for me. But it’s quite fun when it does happen, because that means the puzzle is such a great image or the assembly is so entertaining that I literally don’t want to stop.

This puzzle was one of those, and it was great! Heye puzzle, so great quality, but I will say that the piece fit was quite loose on this one. If I tried to scoot some pieces over a little bit so they would fit properly I ran the risk of them all crumpling up and coming apart. I haven’t had a Heye puzzle that was quite that loose before, and I’m hoping it was just the end of a run or something. Still great image quality, piece shape and thickness. They’re not as thick as a Ravensburger or Jumbo piece, but they’re extremely sturdy.

Also you cannot tell from the picture, but the puzzle had metallic stamping on it, so there were shiny gold dots and gold framing around the heart, etc. Very cool looking! Who doesn’t love sparkles and shine? They truly are hearts of gold!

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