Dancing Fairies

Dancing Fairies by Gary Walton – Jumbo – 500 pieces

This puzzle I’d been looking at for a while now and it has been on my wish list for months! When I finally decided to go ahead and order myself some puzzles this was the first one to go in the shopping cart. I love this image!

I am also happy to report that it was as much fun to assemble as it is to look at. In just a few minutes the edge was put together and the moon was starting to come together. Surprisingly the fairies were easier to assemble than I thought they would be; there are slight differences in their dresses or the background behind them. I enjoyed this puzzle even more than I’d hoped!

This was a “premium quality” puzzle according to the box, but I don’t see the difference. It seems to me that all Jumbo puzzles are premium quality. Same excellent fit, image reproduction, thickness, etc. I didn’t notice that anything was particularly different than the other Jumbo puzzles I’ve worked. In my mind whether they say it or not every one of their puzzles is premium quality. 😎

It’s so nice for me to be able to sit down and lose myself in assembling a puzzle. There’s a dialogue I have in my head sometimes when I’m searching for a piece; or if someone is helping me there is banter back and forth about the puzzle or piece shape, etc.

It’s important, for me at least, to do something non-electronic. Everyone seems absorbed in their phones or tablets, or they sit and watch tv doing nothing. Not that any of those things are terrible, but I think it’s important to do other things as well. Have a conversation, read an actual book, learn to cook something, or sit down and use your hands and your brain and work on a jigsaw puzzle.

Just my two cents for the day. 🙂

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