Saturday 03-04-17


Not too shabby! One gargoyle done, completed a lot more of the stairs, and filled in some holes where I could. Still have plenty of banister left to go on both sides and a whole other gargoyle.

Just over 1000 pieces left now, so it should be speeding up soon – I hope, I hope! There’s still lots of pink left to go for the floor and walls, but it shouldn’t be too difficult. I plan to get all remaining pieces laid out on trays so I’ll be able to find any piece I’m looking for. That may slow me down a bit at first, but it’ll be worth it. 🙂

If I get everything laid out on trays I may start tomorrow filling in the rest of the right side which will help immensely when I start on the left – I’ll always know what piece shape I’m looking for!  Or I may try to at least get the other gargoyle assembled first. As usual it will depend on how my “interesting” brain is functioning at the time. Who knows? I certainly don’t!

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