Thursday 02-23-17

Finally back to work!

It took me a week to get The Lion King off the board, things happened and I wasn’t feeling well; and I also realize that I’m probably trying to make this puzzle last so I think I was stalling. 😐

There are only 2 sections left and it takes a little over 2 weeks per puzzle, so I only have a month left of work on this thing. Holy guacamole! How in the world did it go so fast? I still haven’t decided what to do with this damn thing yet!

This is honestly 2 days worth of work, as I did lay in bed one day and started working on the characters on trays. Not really fun assembling on the trays so I left that alone and waited to get The Lion King off the board before I kept going. I do assemble on trays in bed when I’m not feeling well and can’t really sit or stand to work on the puzzle, but it isn’t as fun as working at the board to me.

Filmstrip is done. Not bad for a day’s work! Tomorrow will be the dark blue and perhaps starting the twinklies. I’m so glad to be back working on it. I’m torn between wanting to get it done and wanting to make it last. I’m not sure which side will win, stay tuned to find out!



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