Saturday 02-04-17


Finally, some real progress! Hooray!

Every piece I pulled out for the filmstrip is into place, and it seems huge! I mean, this isn’t my first rodeo, but for some reason having the filmstrip in place makes this section seem so much bigger. I have no idea why, it makes no sense whatsoever. I have assembled every single section on this board, so for it to seem like a different size is ridiculous. Perhaps my not sleeping this week is catching up with me and I’m hallucinating slightly. I have no other explanation. (On the plus side though, at 1 am when I couldn’t sleep I was getting a head start on the filmstrip for today) 🙂

That said, I’m enjoying this section already and am looking forward to getting back into the groove of being able to work on it every day. I’m struggling right now with being physically able to work on it, but I’m doing my best to keep a good attitude and just put in a few pieces whenever I feel I can. Hakuna Matata 😉

Tomorrow will be the dark blue/edges, and depending on how that goes I may be able to get started on the twinklies on the remaining two sides. It finally feels like I’ve actually gotten started on The Lion King, and I’m raring to go!

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