Coca Cola

Coca Cola – Aquarius – 1000 pieces

Another gift, this one from my mom. Thanks mom!!

This was an easy to medium assembly, and fun to look at older ads from Coke. My dad has been a Coca Cola man all his life so there’s always been Coke in the house. It sorta reminded me of my childhood.

Aquarius is a puzzle company I hadn’t heard of or assembled before.  Pretty good quality if you ask me. Sturdy pieces, excellent image quality, really nice fit. Aquarius has some cool puzzles to choose from, I may be ordering more once I get this 40,000 piece monkey off my back. 🙂

Tuesday 12-27-16 50% Done!

20,160 pieces assembled – 20,160 to go!

It’s finished! For the second time! Hooray!! I guess that means once I’m all done I will have completed a 40,320 piece puzzle, but will have assembled 44,352 pieces. 😮 (This is assuming I will NOT be idiotic enough to drop another puzzle)

I completed it in 7 days this time because I totally cheated. I had the picture I had taken of the completed puzzle on my computer and I just zoomed in (THANK GOD FOR DIGITAL PHOTOS) and then I knew what pieces I was looking for. I have to say it wasn’t nearly as satisfying as actually working the puzzle, it felt a little like paint by numbers. But I wasn’t looking for fun or satisfying – I just wanted it finished!

So I am now officially halfway done with the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle! I’m really proud of myself!


Up next, The Little Mermaid. There is a LOT of blue, but the colors are bright and there are several characters to break up the monotony of water and trees. This one will be fun too! I’m very much looking forward to going back to my routine – taking my time, enjoying the assembly and not working frantically like a bunny to finish it. I’m not sure how long it will take me to sort, so perhaps tomorrow or Thursday I’ll be back to daily updates.

🙂 I’m halfway done, Mowgli and friends are safely stored with the other 4 sections and taped up tight under my bed!  WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂