Monday 12-12-16

Just over 2000 pieces assembled, halfway there!

Bagheera and the branch he is on is now connected to the rest of the puzzle.  It’s starting to take shape and is looking good!

Got the lightest background color mostly done along with some greenery from the tree. I also was able to pick out some of the water and get that partially filled in under Baloo. Still having a good time working on it, but I haven’t been able to work on it for more than a few minutes at a time lately.  Even less time than usual. There’s been way more resting than working these days.

Hubby had lots of running errands to do today, so he was mostly out of my hair and out of my way, but of course he had something loud and obnoxious to do in the golf/puzzle room later in the day. Did he wait until I left the room to rest? No! He waited until I came back in the room and then decided it would be the perfect time to make noise and get in the way. 😡

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