Sunday 12-11-16


Lots of good progress today.  The rock is mostly finished, and I got started on the long tree branch that Bagheera is standing on. I was even able to attach one of the flowers to it! I always feel good about being able to attach sections together. Imagine how excited I will be when I’m finished and able to attach all 10 sections together!!!

I’ll work more on the large branch tomorrow, and after that I have no idea where I’ll go next. Usually something jumps out at me.

Hubby will be home most of the day tomorrow.  I don’t know if that means he’ll want to help me with the puzzle, or if he’ll be in my way or asking where things are, etc. Hopefully he’ll either be out of the house, or vegging in front of the tv. Just so he’s out of my way and out of my hair!

My puzzle is set up in his golf room where he keeps everything golf related and where he works on golf clubs as a small side job. So most likely he’ll be working on golf clubs for someone and constantly in my way. I have to remember that I love him when he’s in there making noise and generally being annoying. 😉


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