Books by Igor Kravarik – Heye -1500 pieces

I must have been having balance issues when I took a picture of this puzzle because it is crazy crooked and I don’t even have the whole puzzle in the picture!  In my defense I didn’t know I’d be starting a blog and posting any of these pictures. Apologies. Annie Liebovitz has nothing to worry about, I am definitely no competition!

My first Heye puzzle and oh dear, I’m in love with this company too!  The pieces are a little smaller than average and look thinner than Ravensburger, but it doesn’t matter because they feel sturdy and dense and fit together very well.  The image reproduction was stellar, really beautiful and detailed.

This image really drew me in, I love the concept of how a book gets published and the journey a book takes from the author’s initial meeting with the publisher to it’s eventual end being read by a consumer (even if it’s nothing like what really happens). It’s a gorgeous picture and I had a great time assembling it.

After this puzzle I had another small break from reality and purchased a LOT of Heye puzzles.  In addition to the excellent quality of Heye I love the triangle boxes of the cartoon puzzles, and that you get a ginormous poster inside. The new Heye catalog was just released for 2017, and oh dear there are SOOO many that I want!

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