What If #1 The Lost Lottery Ticket

What If #1 The Lost Lottery Ticket by Geoff Tristam – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

Here’s another puzzle I won’t show the whole picture of.  Like the Wasgij, the image on the box isn’t what you puzzle, you have to figure out what would happen if…..

For this one, the cover of the box shows what our hero wants to happen when he buys a lottery ticket.  The puzzle itself shows what if his ticket was the winner, but he lost it.  I absolutely love the art of Geoff Tristam.  It’s a fun cartoon puzzle, which I enjoy doing very much.  It’s from Ravensburger, so we know the quality is amazing.

After doing the Wasgij, I decided I wanted to try the Ravensburger equivalent – What If. Absolutely loved it. Love that they are cartoon puzzles, love the artist, love the challenge of not having an image to work from, always love the Ravensburger quality – just LOVE it!

Uh, I now own all 16 What If puzzles. I clearly have an addictive personality!!! Perhaps I should stay off the internet because it always leads to looking for more puzzles to try, buy, and stock up on. 😮

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