Vintage Love Letters

Vintage Love Letters by Aimee Stewart – Schmidt – 1000 pieces

I saw a review of this puzzle on Jigsaw Junkies and fell in love with the image.  It was the first puzzle I purchased with the intent of gluing and framing it; isn’t it a beautiful, romantic image for the bedroom? Aimee Stewart is one of my favorite jigsaw puzzle artists; her work is beautiful and her use of colors is gorgeous!

This was also my first puzzle from Schmidt, and I must say I was even more impressed with the quality than I expected to be.  Thank goodness I found the Jigsaw Junkies blog, without her brand comparison I would never have felt confident enough to try new puzzle brands.  I don’t want to guess whether or not the quality of certain brands is good or not, why spend money if you’re unsure whether or not it’ll be worth it? The brand comparison pages are detailed and helped me to discover some really awesome brands I had never even heard of. Schmidt is one of them.

Although I have discovered in my years of assembling puzzles that everything is subjective. Everyone has their own opinions of what a good quality puzzle is, and the only way to know for sure is to try it yourself. There are many brands that Jigsaw Junkies say are great quality that I don’t care for at all; you have to try them and see what you think of them. There are probably brands I say are excellent that you wouldn’t like at all, because we have different tastes and opinions. Anyway, back to the puzzle!

The finish on the pieces feels almost luxurious, the pieces fit together satisfyingly well without being so tight you had to push them into place. The image quality is amazingly bright and detailed without being too over the top.  I would definitely buy many more Schmidt puzzles without hesitation.  The quality of this company impressed me, and once my self-imposed puzzle buying ban is over I’m looking for more!

BTW, the puzzle is framed and looks amazing. 🙂

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