Wednesday 10-19-16

Just a quick update, Cinderella will be the next section of the puzzle I’m going to tackle. I began sorting the Fantasia section today and found a damaged piece with part of the image missing. I called Ravensburger and am being sent a replacement bag. Since I don’t think I want to sort through 4000 pieces to find the specific one I’m looking to replace, I’ll wait on Fantasia for the time being. They were super helpful, even though technically this puzzle isn’t on sale in US right now and won’t be until next year. (I ordered it from a German puzzle website)

Interesting side note, I have always pronounced it Ray-vensburger, and apparently they pronounce it Rah-vensburger.  It sounds so weird to me! I know they’re right and I’m wrong, but I’ve been pronouncing it incorrectly for so long, to my ears they sound like the ones who are mistaken 🙂

I hope to be done sorting Cinderella tomorrow, perhaps I may even be able to start working on the puzzle itself. It seems taking a break was a nice idea, but what I really want is to be working on the Disney puzzle. It may be that after a few sections I’ll be more ready for a break, but for now I’m anxious to get back to work on it!

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