Saturday 10-08-16

A few of the dwarfs finally got their hands!

It doesn’t look like much today, but I was able to put about 150 pieces in there! I put a tally counter on my phone, and I absolutely love it. Especially when I’m just kinda looking through pieces and filling in blank spaces here and there, it can seem as though you haven’t really accomplished much. With the tally counter I just touch my phone whenever I fit a piece into the puzzle. Then when I look at the number of pieces I feel as if I’ve made progress even if it doesn’t look like much has changed on the puzzle.

Three of the dwarfs finally got all or almost all of their hands and I did some general filling in. I’m at a loss as to what I should try to tackle next. Perhaps I’ll get all the remaining pieces laid out on trays and see what jumps out at me. Any suggestions? It seems as though there isn’t one color or area that would be easy to pick out to work on next. Lots of shades of brown/tan/yellowish that are similar, but I know once I start working on an area it will come to life and look as though it was simple to put together. That’s how it usually goes.

I also want to put in some time on the other puzzle I’m working on. I haven’t touched it since we started prepping for the hurricane, and it will be good to be able to make some progress or hopefully finish it.

2 thoughts on “Saturday 10-08-16

  1. Penny Allenbaugh Weiss

    What is the “tally counter” app you added to your phone? I think I might like to try this on this puzzle too. Thanks Stacey! Having fun re-reading some of these posts. It’s getting me even more excited to start DM.

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