Lighthouse – Ravensburger 3D – 216 pieces

Mom found this 3D puzzle at the thrift store, unfortunately it was missing not only 7 pieces it was also missing the top of the lighthouse with the lights in it. It was kind of a bummer all around, but those are the chances we take. 😉

The tube shape was difficult to work with, I found it much more difficult than working with an orb shape…

Lighthouse 2

Once I got one side connected properly it would pop out the opposite side, so very annoying! I much prefer regular jigsaw puzzles laid flat on the board.

Lighthouse 1

Seven missing pieces on the top section – I think they must be wherever the very top of the lighthouse is. 😦

Lighthouse box

This is what it should look like when completed. I think I really would have enjoyed seeing the lights. Bummer.

The Wedding

The Wedding
The Wedding (?) – Pastime Puzzles – 510 pieces

Got my hands on another old wooden puzzle, are you surprised? It’s a lovely image, but there were so many missing pieces! I went into this knowing there were only 499 pieces, but I mistakenly assumed that meant there was only one missing piece. I was wrong of course. This puzzle apparently started out with 510 pieces, not 500. Still, mom and I had a good time putting it together and that’s what counts.The Wedding 1

There is such beautiful detail in the artwork, the hands seem almost photo quality. It was a beautiful puzzle and mom and I enjoyed it even with the many missing pieces.

The Wedding 2

EBL 1920 – I wish I knew if that was in reference to the date the puzzle was cut or if it’s when the image was painted. It could be both, actually.

I’ve got one more old puzzle yet to assemble and one more in the queue, but unless I find something amazing I’m done with the vintage/antique puzzles. Not because this one had lots of missing pieces, but because either fortunately or unfortunately (I’m not sure which), the municipal building puzzle was so amazing, and such fantastic quality that I feel that everything else is a bit of a letdown. Even if it’s great quality it still isn’t as good. I was so lucky to find that puzzle; it’s a one of a kind, exceptionally well made, and mom and I enjoyed the journey of putting it together so much – it just can’t be matched or duplicated. Nothing even really comes close.

I’ve told hubby to stop sneakily buying these old puzzles on eBay. He purchased a few for me as a surprise, it’s very sweet but I’d prefer it if he didn’t do that anymore. I think I’d rather be happy we had the experience and fun of assembling a very rare and wonderful antique than be let down by the not up to snuff quality of lesser (but still lovely) puzzles.