Jungle Selfies – Day 2

Jungle Selfies by Howard Robinson – Cra-Z-Art – approx. 125/500 pieces

Since I neglected to write up all of these posts when I was finished with the puzzles I’m having to do it all now – a month later. It’s making me want to get out another set and start working on it! Sorting is always the worst part for me, but once that’s done I always have a great time working on the puzzles themselves, no matter what the set is.

Not all sets are my favorite images to puzzle, but with small piece counts like these it doesn’t always have to be something I’m completely in love with. Luckily for me, with this set, they were all such great little pieces of artwork that each one was quite entertaining. Good quality, great images – charming puzzles!

This is Miss Georgia Lynette, a southern belle with the most gracious manners in the entire jungle. Her momma taught her how to behave in every situation and she’s the most sought after dinner guest on the Serengeti. Miss Georgia is a jewelry designer who works from home; she and her husband Elrod are expecting their first child in just 11 more months. Congrats Miss Georgia!

Wallace (shown with his pet bird Ralph) is a postal employee who has his sights set on one day being Postmaster General of Rainforest National Park. He is a sweetheart of a guy to his friends – and Ralph, but is quite the taskmaster with his employees. Perhaps that means he will get that job one day. Wallace is an avid stamp collector, loves reading trashy romance novels, and holds a yellow belt in Krav Maga.

This is Rupert. He spends most of his days coming up with one get-rich-quick scheme after another. NONE of them ever work out. Most nights he can be found trying to get a free meal from friends or relatives; because he’s too lazy to get an actual job and earn his way. He’s a sweet guy, but has yet to grow up.

Grow up Rupert. Your parents are busy spending your inheritance while you do nothing with your life.

Jungle Selfies – Day 1

Jungle Selfies by Howard Robinson – Cra-Z-Art – approx. 125/500 pieces

Oh no! She’s back with more individual puzzles and silly names and backstories! Sorry (not sorry) guys. 😇

These sets of mini puzzles from Cra-Z-Art are perfect for me when I’m wanting to sit and do some jigsaw puzzling but don’t have the physical stamina to be at it for very long. Once they’re all sorted by their colored backing I can just grab a bunch of pieces and put together one or more little puzzles and feel as though I’ve accomplished something before I have to go back to bed to rest.

If I’m working on a larger piece count puzzle (1000 or 2000 pieces) it doesn’t always feel as though I’ve gotten much done if I’m unable to sit for long periods; these little ones help me to get the satisfaction of having completed something without too much physical or mental strain.

Without any further ado……bring on the ridiculousness!

Meet Wendel everyone; he’s an inquisitive guy who loves learning something new every day. Wendel is a professional student who’s been attending classes his entire adult life. His favorites have been Cryptozoology, Underwater Basket Weaving, The History of Surfing, and Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame. He’s currently courting a beautiful graduate student, and perhaps one day soon there will be thousands of little polliwogs swimming around with Wendel’s love of knowledge!

Alek is a phlebotomist at the Jungle Infirmary, and he’s always trying to make the patients feel better with his funny stories and wonderful bedside manner. He’s saving up to buy his own home so that he can finally move out of his parent’s basement. (Between you and me, I don’t think he’ll ever move out – he’s got it too good!)

Philimena is a makeup demonstrator at the local department store, and loves “beautifying the world” through her work. She fancies herself an up-and-coming instagram model, and is always trying to look her best. She spends hours in front of her many mirrors and never leaves the house without her hair and makeup looking perfect. Philimena has no hobbies other than making herself look good. She’s a vapid little twit.

The OG

The OG – MicroPuzzles – 150 pieces

Beautiful puzzle of the original Spilsbury “dissected map” from 1767 owned by MicroPuzzles. It was way too difficult to assemble in the usual place, there just isn’t adequate lighting in our powder room. After having it in there for a couple of weeks and struggling to get it assembled, I finally gave in and finished it in the puzzle room.

When you see the image on it’s own without all the piece shapes it looks as if it would probably be pretty easy to assemble – especially because there are only 150 pieces. It wasn’t. At least not for me. It’s almost monochromatic and without proper lighting to see what was what I found it quite difficult.

I still enjoyed it though, it wasn’t one of those difficult puzzles that makes you question whether or not it’s worth doing. And when I got nearer the end, it got more and more fun with each piece. 😉

Butterflies III – Day 2

Butterflies III – Cra-Z-Art – 500 pieces

Have you ever noticed how much orange coloring there is on butterflies? I’m not sure I ever have until now. It’s not a color one might normally say looks particularly pretty, but here it looks amazing. Just my weird observation.

When assembling these mini puzzle sets I almost never look at the box or poster, it’s more fun to just figure it out on my own. If I was looking for help it would take much less time and I enjoy getting to complete each one at my own pace.

The color of the purple one was my favorite out of all 18, just absolutely stunning! The blue one took me longer than it should have, I was expecting the shape to go upwards and it just kept getting wider and wider.

I’m not certain what the difference is between moth and butterfly, but some of these with their furry bodies seemed more moth-like. It doesn’t make them any less lovely, they just didn’t seem like butterflies to my untrained eye.

Aren’t the pastel colors on the one at the far right just amazing? Love the look of that one. 💗

Butterflies III – Day 1

Butterflies III – Cra-Z-Art – 500 pieces

This gorgeous set had 18 puzzles instead of the usual 12. So instead of many days of butterflies with no commentary other than “look how pretty they are”, I’ll just split this up into two days of posts. Each separate puzzle won’t be getting it’s own picture, but they’ll be in groups of three.

They were all quite good quality, and there were far fewer pieces connected than there usually are. Perhaps Cra-Z-Art is getting better at cutting all the way through the colored backing, or perhaps this is one of the rare times that I ended up with a puzzle that was cut when the die was new and sharp. You’re always hearing me say that a puzzle may have been cut at the end of the run when the die was dull, what a novel thing to have the opposite – finally!

I enjoyed all the different shapes of the puzzles. And that pink one on the right is gorgeous!

You can tell that there are big differences in the sizes as well. Some puzzles were only around 15 pieces, and some were closer to 60. It’s nice that they’re all not just the same shape and size with only the colors separating each species.